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This web site provides details of the books that are available in the Commander series of fast-play tabletop wargaming rules, together with supporting material to help players get the most from their games. Take your time to look round the site. Please use the contact link on the top right of the page or visit the forum if you have any questions.

New Ownership

The games are now owned by Pendraken Miniatures, who purchased the rights on 16th February 2015. Pete would like to thank everyone for all their support since the first version of Blitzkrieg Commander was released in April 2004. Long may you enjoy your games!


Blitzkrieg Commander (Spanish Civil War and World War Two, 1936-45), Cold War Commander (Modern, 1946+) and Future War Commander (The Future) are fast-play wargame rules that allow you to re-create combined-arms battles from the Second World War through to the present day and well into the future, using miniatures on a tabletop. Command anything from a company right up to a division and get a result in 2-3 hours without becoming bogged-down in detail. Suitable for miniatures from 2mm right up to 28mm (including 3mm, 6mm, 1/285 scale, 10mm, 12mm, N gauge, 15mm and 20mm) and no re-basing is required.

Blitzkrieg Commander in action!

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